The ProtecSpine FMT is the only therapeutic device on the market that administers Floating Manipulative Therapy (FMT) for both chronic and acute cervical, lumbar, and shoulder pain. FMT is a gravity-based, three-dimensional spinal therapy that uses the patient’s own body weight to gently decompress the spine and allow for therapeutic stretches in a full range of motion. It has clinical benefits for patients of all ages and mobilities in a variety of care settings.

Benefits of the Protec System

One-on-one patient interaction allows you to tailor your treatment specifically to your patient’s needs. PROTEC has been used to treat many conditions, some of which include:
• Disc degeneration
• Herniated and bulging discs
• Sciatica
• Spinal stenosis
• Manipulation of the lumbar spine

Treatments include, but are not limited to:
• Mechanical traction therapy
• Therapeutical exercises
• Kinetic activity with one-on-one patient interface
• Myofascial release
• Neuromuscular reduction

Therapy protocol include:
• Flexion/Extension mobilization
• Lumbar rotation
• Therapeutic stretching exercise
• Passive motion

PROTEC is a device that provides a safe, stress-free and comfortable treatment for patients. It is designed to allow a wide variety of mobilization therapy options, depending on the physician’s therapy preferences.